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How Covid-19 Is Positively Shaping the Cannabis and CBD Products Industry

Covid-19 has changed the landscape of business, just as much as it has altered everyday life. Local, state and federal governments are adjusting to our "new normal" through mandates designed to keep all of us safe from this terrible illness. Because of these mandates, people feel their lives being disrupted on an ongoing basis. Thankfully, you can still buy your hemp and CBD products online at Farm Life Hemp. We continue doing our best to keep up with "business as usual" under the changes that keep everyone safe from the coronavirus.

Many small businesses in the cannabis products industry struggle to adapt to these changes today. A large number have already permanently closed their doors and we expect more to do so over the coming months. But we are hopeful about the positive business changes that the pandemic will cause in the long run, for our industry and customers. Below, we look at some of the good changes that could happen because of Covid-19.

Greater Acceptance of the Industry, as a Whole

Governments label today's businesses "essential" or "non-essential" in regard to openings and closures during this difficult time. With the stay-at-home and social distancing orders, many companies remain shut down. This proves a wise decision, when it comes to stopping the spread of disease. But it hurts small businesses and the people they serve. Millions upon millions of Americans have lost access to their cannabis products, except what they can buy online.

Luckily, many states now understand the importance of these products for people with health conditions. We are seeing that governments accept the use of medical marijuana and cannabis products more readily. In turn, once-stringent states now protect customers' access to these products and allow many businesses related to cannabis industry to stay open. As long as we follow the safety rules, places like dispensaries remain operational.

Industry Regulations Relaxing

States allowing use of recreational and medical marijuana note the differences between the products. Products used for medicinal purposes are of a higher quality and potency, when compared to recreational forms of the plant-based goods. Taxing is different for the two, with the medical form taxed at a much lower rate. Medical users are also more protected through a series of requirements for obtaining a prescription. 

But restrictions are easing. Telemedicine is becoming a widely accepted process for obtaining prescriptions, even for medical-use marijuana. You still must have a valid health problem as a reason for obtaining a marijuana prescription card. Now, using the phone or video-based conferencing platform to get one is possible. This is opening the world of marijuana products to more people than ever before, through both technology and acceptance. 

Easier Access to Products

Many people who have need for marijuana and CBD products have compromised immune systems, such as from cancer treatment or other health problems. They should not go into places that expose them to contagious illnesses, particularly serious conditions like Covid-19. For this reason, states are making access to medical marijuana easier for people who need these products.

As said before, you can always access your hemp and CBD products online here at Farm Life Hemp. Dispensary patients are now able to access their prescribed products from the safety of their vehicle through curbside pick-up. Some states are allowing online sales and home deliveries of a full line of cannabis products now, whereas they frowned on these sales in the past. Not only does this provide everyone easier access to products, but it is shaping the industry for the future. It is also shaping acceptance of CBD products and hemp goods.

More Stress Leads to More Sales

Everyone expected a boom in the medical marijuana, CBD and hemp industry, after the government legalized cannabis. Acceptance we have all awaited brought many new brands and industry entrants to the forefront. Unexpectedly, however, marijuana product demand declined for months leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many dispensaries were already struggling to stay in business, before.

As the pandemic took hold and continues to affect our daily lives, more people have experienced anxiety-based issues from ongoing stress. Fear is rampant and the country is also going through a lot of political strife and changes. Together, all of these issues only compound stress for people who occasionally used cannabis products for anxiety in the past. At the same time, thousands upon thousands of others seek new ways to deal with all of this stress, beyond prescribed pharmaceuticals.

This sudden revival of interest in medical marijuana, CBD products and hemp has helped the industry come out of its earlier downward direction. Through "essential" business status, the entire sector is again on the upswing.

Recent Experience Proves Medical Marijuana, CBD Products and the Hemp Industry Are Here to Stay

Undoubtedly, we are living in a unique time. Things that happen right now as part of the Covid-19 crisis will shape our daily lives for generations to come. These issues are clearly affecting the cannabis industry. Overall, changes are positive in terms of public acceptance, relaxed regulations and recognition of dispensaries as being "essential."

In any business, times of crisis can magnify previous problems and drive the company further downward. Or, such crisis can bring the proverbial cream rising to the top of the industry or the market they serve. We see the Covid-19 pandemic as affecting our industry in the latter manner. For solid companies in the field of medical marijuana, CBD products and hemp, the crisis is a catalyst for positive change and potentially even growth. 

From the comfort of your own home or office, check out Farm Life Hemp's quality line of hemp and CBD products. We sell our full line of people and pet products direct to consumers and wholesale buyers. If you have any questions, call us at (910) 585-0836.

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